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VIZTEX Dry Erase Boards, White Boards & Bulletin Boards 

Take Notice


Premium range of magnetic dry erase boards, whiteboards and bulletin boards.
Available in a choice of material, frames and finishes.

VIZTEX Glacier - Glass Magnetic Dry Erase

A totally new & striking range of magnetic dry erase boards made from tempered glass for the ultimate in performance & style.

This designer range is eye-catching and elegant to enhance your home or office environment, while providing Highly Effective Visual Communication.

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VIZTEX Glacier
Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

  • Premium quality – Premium Performance

  • Magnetic dry-erase

  • Perfectly smooth writing surface

  • Range of sizes 

  • Range of exciting color options

  • Plan & Notes + Multi-Use Grid design options

  • Clear design border to add visual appeal 

  • No ghosting or staining

  • High specification magnetic backing

  • Quick and easy to clean and erase

  • Writing surface will not wear or erode

  • Rounded corners for safety

  • Mounting kit included

  • 25 Year Limited Warranty

Glacier  Plan & Notes Design

Combine the versatile multi-use grid design with a seven section index area to customize for your individual needs.

Ideal for days of the week, key activities, priority lists, names or whatever suits your personal or company requirements.

Perfect for both home & office lists and notifications.

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Glacier Multi-Use Grid Design

The multi-purpose grid design means they are easy to customize, with lists, tables and geometric shapes.

The color contrasting yet subtle grid dots provide the perfect guide for easy construction of straight line, charts & tables.

Ideal for eye-catching and high impact visual communication and organization.

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VIZTEX Dry Erase Whiteboards

  • Premium quality

  • Dry-erase

  • Smooth writing surface

  • Easy erasing

  • No ghosting

  • Magnetic

  • Range of borders

  • Marker tray included

  • Fits flush to the wall

  • Full mounting kit included

Porcelain Dry-Wipe Whiteboard

This is the Vixtex premium dry-erase whiteboard, the smoothest ceramic writing surface, offering flawless color contrast and easy erasing without ghosting.

The magnetic surface means it can also be used as a bulletin board for paper notes. 

Aluminum trim with matching easy-mount marker tray included.

Viztex Monthly Planner

Dry-erase white board with a timetable. This planner has a 35-day grid labelled with days of the week for easy diary planning, timetables, project plans, holiday records or meeting schedules. 

Useful magnetic surface for document display and marker tray. 

Fits flush to the wall, perfect for classrooms and corridors, meeting rooms, offices and staff rooms. 

Lacquered Steel with oak effect trim >

Choose the oak effect frame for a more casual or softer interior with the same durable non-staining whiteboard writing surface. 

The lacquered steel surface is magnetic, so this whiteboard can also be used as a noticeboard by attaching documents with magnets.  

Lacquered Steel with aluminium trim

The lacquered steel finish on this dry-wipe whiteboard offers a durable writing surface that will not stain. Its magnetic surface can also be used as a bulletin board for paper documents.

Choose an aluminium frame for your office or classroom for a classic utilitarian look. Marker tray included. 

Further details on product sizing can be found in the downloadable Viztex product brochure which is also available at the Sales and Marketing Materials Library.

If you are a retailer, supplier or distributor interested in wholesale opportunities for VIZTEX dry-erase boards and bulletin boards, please email our sales team.

VIZTEX dry-erase boards are a cost-effective choice of premium whiteboards for classrooms and schools. 


There are over 98,000 schools in the USA, most with a need for good-quality, durable  whiteboards.

For students, Viztex dry-erase whiteboards offer excellent contrast so that the teacher's writing is clear to see and easier to read. 

Choosing VIZTEX whiteboards for offices and meeting rooms to give your team a head-start when collaborating on projects. 

The surface of VIZTEX dry-erase whiteboards is easy to wipe clean, will not stain or ghost,  and offers clear and bright color contrast - so your plans and projects will really stand out.  

Use VIZTEX bulletin boards in corridors, halls and staff rooms to get your message across 

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VIZTEX Corner Icon

VIZTEX Bulletin Boards

  • Premium quality

  • Self healing

  • Incredibly durable

  • Portrait and landscape hanging options

  • Concealed mounts

  • Fits flush to the wall

  • Full mounting kit included

If you are interested in opportunities for retailing, supplying or wholesaling Viztex noticeboard products, please email our sales team.

This blue fabric bulletin board is self-healing and durable. It can be used to hang notices with map pins time and time again. 

Its sturdy zinc backing and aluminum frame conceals the mounting screws and it fits flush to the wall with no sharp edges or protrusions.  

Recommended for use in schools, offices and in communal spaces.

Premium cork self-healing notice board with a sturdy aluminium frame. 

Has sound-absorbing properties which can add comfort in an office or studio space.

Mounting kit included to hang the cork board flush to the wall in landscape or portrait as required. The aluminum frame conceals the screws to ensure there are no protrusions or sharp corners.

The oak effect frame on this cork notice board gives a classic, warm look to any home, studio or office. 

The self-healing cork board surface hides all pin marks, and the bulletin board will last a long time, no matter how many photos, notes and cards are pinned to it.  

Recommended for homes and offices with a comfortable interior design. 

Fabric Bulletin Board
Aluminium Frame Cork Board
Oak Effect Frame Cork Board

Further details on product sizing can be found in the downloadable Viztex product brochure which is also available at the Sales and Marketing Materials Library.

Hang cork boards together to
create your own real-life Pinterest!

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We know school budgets can be tight, so VIZTEX produces premium bulletin boards and dry-erase whiteboards at small prices, to help schools save money without compromising on quality.

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If you have any questions about VIZTEX whiteboards and bulletin boards, or would like more information on how VIZTEX will improve your workplace, please get in touch. 

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If you are a retailer, supplier or distributor interested in wholesale opportunities for VIZTEX dry-erase boards and VIZTEX bulletin boards, please email our Sales Support Team at

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