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Floortex Chair Mats


Floor Protection

Reasons to choose Floortex

As the leading surface protection mat manufacturer, Floortex is responsible for innovations including the introduction of polycarbonate chair mats and the inclusion of technology such as anti-microbial and anti static to its chair mat ranges.

Floortex offers a wide range of high-quality mats in  materials which give consumers choice according to use, budget and workspace design.

A responsible manufacturer, Floortex uses renewable energy during the manufacture of its chair mats, includes recycled plastic content where possible, and ensures that its chair mat products are recyclable.

Benefits of chair mats

The average office chair travels eight miles a year - which over time causes damage and wear to flooring.  While it is possible to change your damaged flooring or expensive carpet, it is much more cost effective to prevent the damage with a Floortex chair mat!

Floortex chair mats are rigorously tested to ensure strength and durability to protect carpets and hard floors from wear and damage

In addition to protecting floors, chair mats provide an easy-glide surface with ergonomic benefits to the user.

Floortex has a range of chair mats to suit every desk space and user, for all size and shape requirements, for office buildings and home offices, and ranges to suit every budget.

Floortex Chair Mat Ranges

Floortex Chair Mat Range

To find the best chair mat for your needs, visit Choose The Best Chair Mat and find yours in 5 simple steps.  Retailers, suppliers and distributors interested in wholesale opportunities should visit the Work With Us section for more information and pricing.

Cleartex Ultimat

Manufactured from original Floortex polycarbonate, the Ultimat is the best quality chair mat for clarity, strength and durability. 

For home and office application, Ultimat is crystal clear, and will not curl, discolour, bend or crack under normal use. 

Ultimat Chair Mats are available in a huge range of sizes and shapes and for all floor types, including deep pile carpet.

Cleartex Advantagemat Black

Cleartex Advantagemat Black chair mat provides floor protection and gives a clean, classic look to modern and traditional offices, at great value for money..

Advantagemat Black chair mat is made from Floortex phthalate-free PVC and is available in both hard floor and carpet floor options. 

Cleartex Advantagemat Black Chair Mats are available in rectangular shapes in a range of sizes. 

Cleartex MegaMat

An unbeatable chair mat for strength and durability, MegaMat is the perfect choice  for heavier chair mat users.

Made from Floortex Original Polycarbonate the MegaMat is a high-capacity chair mat, tested to take weights up to 500lb without compromising performance. 

Floortex MegaMat does not bend, buckle, curl or dip under normal use and provides an easy-glide surface for office chairs.  

These rectangular mats are available in a range of sizes. With beveled edges.

Cleartex Advantagemat

Affordable, long lasting floor protection for the office and home. 

Cleartex Advantagemat is a bestselling chair mat, available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and now in matte black and crystal-clear.  

Available in smooth back for hard floors and as a gripper back mat for carpets. 

Made from a unique Floortex PVC formula for a more durable and safer mat.

Cleartex Anti-Microbial

Cleartex Advantagemat Anti-Microbial chair mat contains FS Bio, an ingredient that protects the chair mat from microbial deterioration. 

Made from Floortex phthalate-free PVC, and available with both hard floor and carpet floor backing options. 

Cleartex Anti Microbial Chair Mats are available in rectangular shapes in a range of sizes. An excellent choice for schools, hospital offices and home offices. 


A designer range of glass chair mats that combines elegant interior design with incredible strength and durability.

Made from tempered glass - 5 times the strength of regular glass - Glaciermat glass chair mat offers users the smoothest glide of any Floortex chair mat.

Its high-capacity strength is tested to take weights of up to 1000lb and is an excellent choice of chair mat for big and tall users.

Glaciermat has a crystal-clear glass finish, with smooth edges.

Cleartex Evolutionmat

Made from a unique enhanced polymer containing up to 25% recycled content, the Evolutionmat provides excellent floor protection, while reducing the impact on the environment.

Available in gripper back for standard pile carpet and smooth back for hard floors, with anti-slip options also available for polished floors and carpet tiles.

All Ecotex mats are rectangular and there is a wide range of different size options.

Computex Anti-Static

To protect your electrical equipment from the damaging effects of static, use a Computex Anti-Static Advantagemat. 

This anti-static chair mat will dissipate static electricity without the need for a ground cord to help protect your electrical equipment from static and dust damage.

Made from phthalate-free PVC, this mat is available for hard floor and carpet.  Available as a rectangular or lipped chair mat, in a good range of sizes. 

Cleartex Unomat

Our most versatile mat, the Unomat is suitable for hard floors, polished floors, low pile carpets and carpet tiles.

A unique Floortex anti-slip coating on the underside of the Unomat offers unbeatable stability. The anti-slip will not mark floors or carpets and leaves no residue.  

Available in a range of sizes and in both rectangular and square shape options, choose an unomat to ensure your chair mat stays in place in your busy workplace.

Cleartex 9Mat

With its unique 9-sided shape, this is the ideal chair mat for compact desks.

Available as a clear chair mat or tinted with cerise pink or a bright cobalt blue, a 9Mat is a perfect way to brighten up your workspace,. 

The 9Mat is made from Original Floortex polycarbonate, so it is incredibly durable and will not curl, crack or dent in use. 

Cleartex Sploshmat

Brighten up work spaces with this affordable  long-lasting chair mat in a unique splash shape. 

Available in two bright colors, in carpet and hard floor options.  The smooth-back hard floor mat can also be used on tabletops and other work surfaces.

Sploshmat adds style and color to your workspace as well as protecting surfaces.

AFS-TEX 5000 S2S
AFSTEX 5000s2s HF 2.jpg

As the future of office life moves towards a more active and healthy working environment, Floortex has developed a range for the active office. 

For sit-to-stand desks, the AFS-TEX S2S combination of polycarbonate chair mat and anti-fatigue standing mat offers the complete solution of comfort and ergonomic benefits. 

Available in carpet and hard floor options, a contoured Ultimat provides floor protection and an easy-glide surface for seated work, while the AFS-TEX 5000 anti-fatigue mat improves comfort when the desk is used in a standing position. 

PP Fold Carpet White Background.jpg

Ecotex Revolutionmat chair mats provide high quality floor protection and ergonomic performance combined with excellent value. 

Protects your flooring from damage caused by office chair castors, general wear, scuffs and spills. Will not crack, chip, break or shatter under normal use and correct application.

Free of phthalates, tin, lead, cadmium and BPA for peace-of-mind when used around children or pets. Manufactured from high quality, ozone-friendly and 100% recyclable polypropylene. Odourless and toxin free. Compatible with under floor heating systems.

Available with anti-slip backing for hard floors and very low pile carpets, and gripper back for low pile carpets up to 1/4". All mats 35" x 46" or above are supplied folded for efficient and economic shipping, reduced carbon foot-print and improved customer value.


Add vibrant color to a plain wooden floor and brighten up your office or work space with a Colortex printed chair mat.

Available in a range of 6 beautiful designs, these colorful chair mats are made from durable polycarbonate, so will not curl, crack or discolor under normal use.

Free from toxins, Colortex chair mats are perfect for use in the home or office.

10. APET Carpet .jpg
Cleartex Advantagemat Plus

Manufactured from APET, an eco-friendly formulation that combines excellent ergonomic chair mat performance and floor protection with exceptional value. 

Cleartex Advantagemat Plus offers high impact resistance, durability and excellent clarity, to allow beautiful flooring to shine through. Vinyl, BPA and phthalate free for peace-of-mind, the ideal chair mat for allergy sufferers.

Made in the UK where 50% of our manufacturing site’s energy comes from on-site & external renewable sources, APET chair mats are easily recyclable at end of life. Available in gripper and smooth back options. A great value floor saving solution for any environment! 

Ecotex PP Chair Mats


If you have any questions about Floortex chair mats or would like more information on how Floortex can help improve your workplace, please get in touch. 

If you are a retailer, supplier or distributor interested in wholesale opportunities for chair mat products, please visit the Work With Us section, or email our Sales Support Team at for more information and pricing.

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