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How to choose a chair mat

A chair mat will protect your carpet or hard floor from damage caused by office chair wheels, dirt and general wear and tear.


Floortex has an excellent range of chair mats, all of which outshine the competition - though we appreciate that with such a range, finding the best chair mat for your needs can be difficult.

So, we recommend you follow our easy guide: '5 steps to choosing the best chair mat', below,

5 steps to choosing the best chair mat

1. Check the floor surface

It is important to select the right type of mat for the floor or carpet you intend to protect.

Choose a gripper back chair mat for carpet and a smooth back chair mat for hard floors.

Find out how to easily measure carpet depth to see which is the best chair mat for your carpet. 

2. Choose the right chair mat shape

.Floortex has a wide range of chair mat shapes to choose from  

.Find the best shape of chair mat to compliment your working style and office environment 

3. Choose the right chair mat size

Find your roll area by measuring the the furthest points your office chair rolls during the working day.

Choose a chair mat size that covers these dimensions to ensure the flooring is well protected. 

4. Choose the best chair mat material

The range of materials Floortex offers ensures there is a chair mat to exactly suit every user.

Our guide will help you choose a chair mat according to style, strength, frequency of use and budget. 

Tempered Glass
Chair Mats

A long-lasting and super-strong material with 5 times the strength of regular glass. Choose a glass chair mat for  a sophisticated look and the smoothest glide.

Chair Mats

Floortex invented the Polycarbonate chair mat and others followed our lead.  Choose Floortex Polycarbonate for the most durable chair mat you'll own.

We remove harmful phthalate plasicisers and other toxins, so Floortex-made PVC mats are the safest, best value and best-performing PVC chair mats available.

The Cleartex Evolutionmat contains up to 50% recycled content, and recyclable. 50% of our manufacturing site’s energy comes from on-site & external renewable sources 

The Cleartex Revolutionmat is manufactured using easy to recycle polypropylene and is supplied folded to reduce transportation costs for a reduced carbon footprint.

10. CLEARTEX PP Revolutionmat Logo.jpg
Cleartex Enhanced Polymer Icon.jpg
NEW Floortex Phthalate Free PVC Icon 19+
NEW Original Floortex Polycarbonate 19+.
NEW Original Floortex Tempered Glass 19+
Floortex APET Logo.jpg

Durable, eco-friendly, fully recyclable and highly  sustainable. APET is Vinyl, phthalate and emission free. Ideal for allergy sufferers and for use with under floor heating.

Advantagemat Plus APET Chair Mats

Cleartex Revolution 
Chair Mats

Cleartex Evolution
Chair Mats

Chair Mats

5. Additional features and options

Floortex mats stand out from the competition because of the unique additional features offered in many of our chair mat ranges.  Select additional features to suit your work environment.  

NEW Anti-Slip Icon 19+.jpg

Chair Mats

For use on polished and high-gloss hard floors,  Floortex anti-slip chair mats are also effective on carpet tiles and very low pile carpets where carpet grippers may not work.

NEW Floortex Anti-Static Icon 19+.jpg

Chair Mats

The Computex range contains anti-static technology to provide total static protection and attract dust away from  electrical equipment, for a safer working environment. 

NEW Floortex Anti-Microbial Icon EMBEDDE

Anti Microbial Technology

Added to chair mats, FS Bio Anti Microbial technology fights against the growth of harmful microbes which can cause stains, odors and cross contamination.

50% Renewable Energy - No text 0622.jpg

Chair Mats

Floortex offers chair mats are all recyclable. 50% of our manufacturing site’s energy comes from on-site & external renewable sources.

NEW Coloured Mats Icon 19+.jpg

Color and Printed Chair Mats

We appreciate that some offices want a mat with a little more personality, and Colortex, Sploshmat and 9Mat ranges will help you stand out. We also have matte black chair mats.

Mat Shape

- Cleartex - 


Advantagemat black
Advantagemat anti-microbial

Advantagemat Plus



- Computex -
Advantagemat anti-static

- Cleartex Polycarbonate -
Ultimat for Carpet

Ultimat for Hard Floor




- Glaciermat -


 - Ecotex -

Marlon BioPlus

- Colortex - 

Ultimat Photo





If you have any questions about Floortex chair mats or would like more information on how Floortex can help improve your workplace, please get in touch. 

If you are a retailer, supplier or distributor interested in wholesale opportunities for chair mat products, please visit the Stockists section, or email our Sales Support Team at

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