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Floortex Chair Mat Shapes

Choosing the right shape chair mat

Floortex has a wide range of chair mat shapes to choose from.  From standard rectangular shapes for general use, smaller shapes for compact workstations and even mats with quirky and unusual shapes to reflect your business personality or specific needs. Follow the advice below to find the best shape chair mat for your office space and working style.

Chair Mat shape options


An excellent all-rounder, rectangular chair mats are suitable for all desk types as well as for general use around the office, studio, workshop and home.

Every Floortex chair mat is available in a rectangular shape.

Shapes CONTOURED.jpg

Contoured chair mats offer a good rolling area for office chairs and are perfectly suited to L-shaped workstations and corner workstations.

Floortex contoured chair mats are found in the Advantagemat and Ultimat ranges.

Rectangular with lip

Recommended chair mats for use with double pedestal desks, and also for keeping the area under the desk protected from dirty footwear.

Advantagemat, Anti-Static and Ultimat are all available as lipped chair mats.

Shapes XXL.jpg

The best choice of chair mat for wide desks, and for users who tend to roll over a larger area, such as reception staff or those with multiple screens or task areas.

XXL Chair Mats are part of the Ultimat range, in rectangular and square shapes.

Shapes SQUARE.jpg

The square chair mat is useful for compact workstations, schools and for users who do not move around much at work. Recommended for home offices.

The Advantagemat, Ultimat and Unomat ranges have square shape options.

Shapes ROUND.jpg

Ideal for smaller work stations, round chair mats can also be used under circular meeting tables, in break areas and for general use around the home and office. 

Round chair mats are available in the Ultimat range, which also has a rounded 'half moon' shape available.

Corner Workstation

The chair mat for corner desks is designed to work well with corner workstations and L-shaped desks. It allows a wider roll area while still fitting under the desk.  

Find this shape in the Advantagemat and Ultimat chair mat ranges.

Shapes 9Mat.jpg
9Mat - nonagon

Unique to Floortex, this nine-sided chair mat is a great choice for compact areas as it gives maximum floor coverage over a small area. Great for students and offices.

The 9mat is available in 3 colorways: clear, bright pink and bright blue.

Splosh shape mat

Try a splash shaped chair mat to make your work area stand out. Recommended for educational and artistic organizations, for the home and for offices with personality!

Sploshmat is currently available in bright red and bright blue colorways.

Consider desk shape

Before you select the shape of your chair mat, consider your desk size.

For example, do you have a standard rectangular desk, or an extra-long desk for multiple monitors for which you'd need an XXL mat?

If you have an ergonomic desk, stacked desk or you have a small work station, then a compact square mat might suit you, and a lipped chair mat is the best chair mat for a double pedestal desk.

Consider the roll area

Next, consider your roll area (the distance your office chair typically travels when work - to retrieve items or communicate with colleagues) and the direction of your roll.

If you're rolling along your desk, then a long rectangular mat might be best.

Perhaps you work from home at a small work station, or are mainly still while you work, so a compact square, round or 9mat might suit you. 


If you have any questions about Floortex Chair Mats or would like more information on how Floortex mats can improve your workplace, please get in touch. 

If you are a retailer, supplier or distributor interested in wholesale opportunities for Floortex products, please visit the Work With Us section, or email our Sales Support Team at

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