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Doortex Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats 



Floortex anti-fatigue mats

  • Sturdy and comfortable

  • Hard-wearing and durable

  • Provide ergonomic benefits

  • 100% rubber mats

  • Anti-slip backing for stability
  • Ramped edges
  • Heavy-duty for industrial use
  • Easy to clean
  • Range of sizes and styles.
  • Open top and closed top options

Use anti-fatigue matting to reduce strain on the legs and back when standing for prolonged periods.  Floortex industrial anti-fatigue mats are Ideal for use in production facilities, reception areas, retail counters and workshops. Our range features closed and open top mats and a modular mat systems to cover larger work areas.

If you are a retailer, supplier or distributor interested in wholesale opportunities for Doortex mats, please visit the Working With Us section, or email our Sales Team for pricing and information.

Bubble Mat

Each 'bubble' on this closed top anti-fatigue mat contains an air pocket for additional cushioning. This helps take the strain off feet and ankle joints, and leg and back muscles to improve user comfort and provide relief from fatigue. 

Choice of 3 mat sizes available.

Open Top

Effective ergonomic anti-fatigue mats for standing work environments. This mat's open top structure allows fluids and debris to drain through to prevent danger of slippery surfaces. Ramped edges reduce tripping hazards. Perfect for use in industrial areas, bars and kitchens.

Modular Anti-Fatigue Mat

Open top anti-fatigue mat that enables fluids to drain quickly to stop surfaces becoming slippery. Mat is supplied with removable ramped edge strips, which reduce trip risk. Remove or join mat sections or add mats together to change and extend the surface area.

Bubblemat In Use
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Anti-fatigue mats provide a comfortable standing surface and are proven to reduce strain and injury, while increasing comfort and productivity. 

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Doortex Anti-Fatigue Mats are designed to help keep workplaces such as factories, shop floors and industrial kitchens safe and comfortable.

When workforces are required to stand for long periods on hard flooring such as concrete or tiles, accidents can increase due to tiredness, trips are more prevalent and productivity has been proven to decline.

The installation of simple anti-fatigue matting will improve the comfort and wellbeing of the workforce, and will help reduce tiredness over the course of each shift. 

So, when Doortex anti-fatigue mats are used, you'll find that safety is improved as incidences of trips, slips and accidents due to tiredness are likely to be reduced. 

Visit Stockists page for details of where to buy.

Where frequent spillages and wet floors are a problem, Doortex Modular Anti-fatigue Mats are highly recommended as fluids drain through the open top and away from the standing surface.  This makes them perfect for industrial kitchens, busy bars and around swimming pools where lifeguards are required to stand and pay attention for long periods.

Modular anti-fatigue mat can be adjusted and joined together to can cover long bar areas, corners and also walkways as required.  The ramped edges help make this safer and they can be used outdoors and indoors as required.

To find out more about the Doortex anti fatigue range, and recommendations on the right mat for your needs, please contact the Floortex customer services team.

To order Doortex mats for wholesale, please contact our Sales Support Team

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new range of active Anti-Fatigue Mats for the office and home

Doortex mats are the best anti-fatigue mats for industrial and commercial use.

High quality rubber mats with fatigue relieving properties help keep your workforce comfortable, productive and safe.

Contact our sales team today to find out more


If you have any questions about the Doortex range of mats, or would like more information on how Doortex mats can help increase safety levels in your business premises, please get in touch. 

If you are a retailer, supplier or distributor interested in wholesale opportunities for Doortex mats, please visit the Work With Us section, or email our Sales Support Team at

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