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Floortex Chair Mat Materials

What are Floortex chair mats made from?

Floortex has a range of mats made from Glass, Polycarbonate, PVC, Enhanced Polymer, Polypropylene and APET. When considering the type of chair mat to buy, it is useful to know how different materials behave, so you can choose a chair mat best suited to the level and frequency of use. 

Use the information below to help make your choice, or contact our friendly Customer Service Team at for more advice. 

Chair mat materials

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Tempered Glass
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Advantagemat Plus
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Cleartex Evolutionmat
PP Revolutionmat FULL LOGO.jpeg
Cleartex Revolutionmat

A long-lasting and super-strong material with 5 times the strength of regular glass. Tested to take weights of up to 1000lb,


Choose a glass chair mat for a crystal clear sophisticated finish and an easy-glide surface that will never dent.

Floortex invented the Polycarbonate chair mat and others soon followed our lead.

Choose Floortex Polycarbonate for the most durable chair mat you'll ever own.

Durable, eco-friendly, fully recyclable and highly sustainable. APET is Vinyl, phthalate and emission free.

Ideal for allergy sufferers and for use with under floor heating.

We remove harmful phthalate plasticizers and other toxins from our PVC.

You can be assured Floortex PVC mats are the safest, best value and best performing PVC chair mats available.

The Evolutionmat is made from enhanced polymer to ensure it meets our vigorous performance criteria.

Evolutionmats contain up to 50% recycled content, and recyclable. 50% of our manufacturing site’s energy comes from on-site & external renewable sources.

The Cleartex Revolutionmat is supplied folded to reduce transportation costs for a reduced carbon footprint.

Use Cleartex Revolutionmat chair mats for durable and dependable performance which provides a green footprint for your floors.

Choosing the right material for your chair mat

Choosing a chair mat for carpet infographic
Choosing a chair mat for hard floors infographic

Glass Chair Mats

Glass Chair Mats

Our top-of-the-range glass chair mat, Glaciermat, is made from crystal-clear tempered glass. It has a perfectly flat and smooth surface which office chairs glide over effortlessly. 

Choose Glaciermat for use in high-traffic areas, 24/7 offices and for big & tall users.

Glass chair mats can be used on carpets, hard floors and combination flooring.

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass, toughened during manufacture to increase its strength by up to five times that of normal glass. 

Glass is the perfect material for high-end glass chair mats as it offers a perfectly flat and smooth surface for chairs to effortlessly move over.

Glass chair mats are really adaptable as they can be used on any floor type and on combination floors, and their clarity and shine looks incredible in any office or home office setting. 

Glass chair mat benefits

  • Crystal clear

  • Incredibly strong

  • Completely smooth, flat surface

  • Will never sink, curl or bend

  • Takes weights up to 1000lb

  • Suitable for carpet and hard floor

  • Unbeatable floor protection 

  • 10-year warranty  

  • High-end interior design statement

New Made in USA Glass Chair Mat

8 US Glaciermat Glass Chair Mat - Made in USA Icon .jpg


  • Made in the USA from locally produced glass for quality and a reduced carbon footprint

  • Designed, sized and packed to enable up to 80% efficiency savings on delivery to help in the fight against climate change 

  • Independently tested and approved packaging to ensure safe and assured delivery 

  • In house quality control checked to ensure consistent tempering and edge quality

  • Crystal clear tempered glass chair mat tested for users up to 1000lbs

  • Manufacturer's 10-year limited warranty

  • 100% recyclable 

3b US Glaciermat Glass Chair Mat.jpg
Why you should choose a Floortex glass chair mat

Floortex Glaciermat is a range of tempered glass mats which offer the ultimate in high-end interior design and floor protection.

Tempered glass is a reinforced type of glass with up to five times the strength of regular glass. This means each Floortex glass chair mat will never bend or sink and is resistant to any kind of cracks, scratches and marks when used appropriately.

Floortex glass mats are crystal clear with a high-gloss shine. Its surface allows flooring to show through, and complements any type of interior design, while still providing the best ergonomic glide surface for office chairs. 

Floortex glass chair mats are tested to take weights up to 1000lb. This makes Glaciermat an excellent choice of chair mat for heavier users and for 'big & tall' office product categories.

Floortex also recommends the Glaciermat glass mat collection for company directors, high-level executives and designers who want to make the best impression in their office design.

The nature of glass means that glass chair mats weigh more than other chair mat materials. This means that glass chair mats are able to protect all types of flooring from wear and tear without shifting or moving around during use.

Polycarbonate Chair Mats

Polycarbonate Chair Mats

Exceptional value, Floortex Polycarbonate is the best quality material for an easy-glide surface with clarity and durability.


Chair mats made from Polycarbonate will not curl, crack, discolour, dent, smell or buckle under normal use. 

Choose Polycarbonate for every day use in busy offices. Its super-strong properties make it the most durable chair mat in the Floortex range. 

What is Polycarbonate?

Floortex Polycarbonate is a synthetic resin which is clear, super-strong and durable. 

Polycarbonate is so strong that it is used in the manufacture of aircraft windscreens and bulletproof glass. 

Floortex found that Polycarbonate is one of the best materials for chair mats as it offers unbeatable durability and a smooth surface for chairs to roll on, without denting or buckling. 

We offer polycarbonate chair mats in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and for all floor types. Anti-slip options are also available for hard floor chair mats. 

Polycarbonate benefits

  • Clear

  • Very strong

  • Durable

  • Will not crack, discolor or buckle

  • Can take heavier weights

  • Fully recyclable

  • Printed and color options available

  • 50% of our manufacturing site’s energy comes from on-site & external renewable sources

Why you should choose a Floortex polycarbonate chair mat

Polycarbonate is an incredibly strong, clear material used in the manufacture of aircraft windscreens and bulletproof glass.  Our product development team took this concept and developed Original Floortex Polycarbonate, specifically for chair mats.

Floortex Polycarbonate chair mats are durable, tough and have a high-clarity clear finish, they are the perfect chair mat for busy offices, schools and home offices. 

A Floortex polycarbonate chair mat will not bend, curl, crack or discolor under normal use. It makes for a strong chair mat, suitable for 24/7/365 use, and is highly recommended for big and tall users.

There are Floortex polycarbonate chair mats for carpets and hard floors, and they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Users find that a Floortex polycarbonate chair mat gives an easy-glide surface for chair casters. The Floortex polycarbonate chair mat for carpet not only stays in place thanks to the gripper-back, but it will not sink, buckle, curl or crack, even for heavier users.

There is a hard floor chair mat option which has a smooth, anti-slip back for stability. This will protect even wooden floors and won't mark or scratch the floor. 

Floortex also offers a range of printed and color chair mats made from polycarbonate.

PVC Chair Mats

PVC Chair Mat

Floortex PVC chair mats are clear, durable and guaranteed not to crack, break chip or shatter under normal use.


Choose Floortex PVC for affordable, high-performance floor protection.


We recommend PVC chair mats for light or occasional use and for home offices.

What is PVC?

Floortex PVC is a unique formula which is free from phthalates and other toxins, including lead and cadmium. Phthalates are a plasticizer which has been banned from medical instruments and children's toys in many countries.


PVC is a cost-effective way to protect floors and the Floortex range of PVC chair mats includes a wide variety of shapes, sizes and floor applications.

Floortex also offers PVC chair mats with anti-microbial technology to help protect the mat from microbial deterioration, and anti-static technology, which helps to  protect electrical equipment from damage caused by dust particles. 

Benefits of PVC

  • Value for money

  • Recyclable

  • Black PVC color option

  • Anti-microbial options

  • Anti-slip options

  • Anti-static options

  • Long-lasting 

  • Phthalate free and no toxins

Why you should choose a Floortex PVC chair mat

Many of the chair mats available are made from PVC, but Floortex are proud to have developed and introduced a formula for phthalate-free PVC before any other manufacturer.


Phthalates are plasticizers which have been linked with health issues, and as such have been banned from children's toys and medical instruments. 


You can be assured that all Floortex PVC is free from phthalates and are non-toxic, which means they are safe for longer term use, and Floortex chair mats are safe for use in homes, around children and pets.

Floortex PVC mats offer excellent value for money, and they share the same designs, structure and finish as the Floortex Polycarbonate range.

We are able to add anti-microbial technology, anti-static properties and anti-slip backing to Floortex PVC.  These may be features you consider when choosing a chair mat.

Floortex PVC chair mats are all made using energy from the wind turbine and solar farm at our manufacturing plant. All of our PVC mats are fully recyclable and most contain some recycled plastic content.

Ecotex Chair Mats

Ecotex Chair Mats

At Floortex, we pay a great deal of credence to our corporate responsibilities regarding the environment.  The Ecotex range of chair mats has been technically developed by Floortex to reflect this, while still meeting our vigorous quality standards.   

Use Ecotex chair mats for durable and dependable mats which help provide a green footprint for your floors. 

What is Ecotex?

The Ecotex Evolutionmat range is produced from an enhanced polymer which contains up to 50% recycled material. The Ecotex Revolutionmat polypropylene mats are easy to recycle for re-use at end of life and are supplied folded for a 50% reduction in pack sizes for increase distribution efficiencies and a reduced carbon footprint.


Technical input and vigorous performance testing ensure that Ecotex chair mats meet Floortex exacting standards. 

Ecotex Evolutionmats are manufactured in our specialist facility where 50% of our manufacturing site’s energy comes from on-site & external renewable sources. All Ecotex mats are 100% recyclable.

Ecotex Evolutionmat chair mats are available in hard floor, anti-slip and carpet application formats and are the best performing eco-friendly chair mats on the market.


Benefits of Ecotex

  • High performance materials

  • Rigorously tested for performance

  • 100% recyclable

  • Phthalate free and no toxins

Enhanced Polymer

  • Up to 50% recycled content

  • 50% of our manufacturing site’s energy comes from on-site & external renewable sources


  • Easy end-of-life recycled

  • Supplied folded to reduce packaging, transport & storage costs.

Why you should choose a Floortex Ecotex chair mat

As a manufacturer of plastic products, Floortex is aware of its responsibilities to the environment and have taken steps to develop a brand of chair mats which addresses the need for a greener product.

Floortex has developed an enhanced polymer which contains up to 50% recycled content for the Ecotex Evolutionmat range of chair mats. This unique material has been developed and tested to ensure it performs to Floortex exacting standards. 50% of our manufacturing site’s energy comes from on-site & external renewable sources.

Our polypropylene Ecotex Revolutionmats provide highly effective floor protection at category leading prices. Produced in a range of folded sizes for highly efficient and economic shipping costs together with minimized storage space for a reduce carbon foot-print.

The material used for the Ecotex range means Floortex has the best performing ecologically sound chair mat on the market. 

We firmly believe that plastic is not bad, as long as it is being used, or being recycled.  We endeavour to keep plastic out of the waste cycle by making sure all Floortex manufactured chair mats are 100% recyclable.

Floortex Ecotex material is non-toxic and free from phthalates and other harmful chemicals, so they are safe for use in offices or homes with children and pets.

APET Chair Mats

6. APET Hard Floor.jpg

Floortex APET chair mats provide an eco-friendly yet highly durable, clear and rigid easy glide surface for your castor-based chair. A high impact-resistant material with no cupping or sinking for excellent ergonomic performance and durable floor protection.   

Choose Floortex APET for an eco-friendly, superior performance and exceptional value floor protection solution. Designed for light to regular use and for home offices. 


What is APET?

APET (Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a type of polyester, which is easily recycled at end of life for re-use as water bottles and food containers. Floortex APET has the added benefit of production at our UK facility, where 50% of our manufacturing site’s energy comes from on-site & external renewable sources


APET is free from Vinyl, BPA and phthalates. This eco-friendly and emission free material is ideally suited to allergy sufferers. 

The durability of APET ensures a highly effective surface protection solution for both hard floors and carpets. Available in various sizes to suit all office and home office environments.


Floortex APET Logo.jpg
10. APET Carpet .jpg

Benefits of APET

  • Combines excellent value with ergonomic and floor saving performance

  • Easily recycled at end of life

  • A rigid high impact-resistant surface that will not cup or sink

  • Compatible with under floor heating systems

  • Vinyl, BPA and phthalate free

  • Ideal for allergy sufferers

  • 50% of our manufacturing site’s energy comes from on-site & external renewable sources

Why you should choose a Floortex APET chair mat

Floortex's APET chair mat range combines eco-friendly material credentials with excellent floor protection and easy-glide ergonomic performance.

The APET material content is also user friendly with no toxins, PVC, BPA or phthalate content for peace-of-mind.

Floortex APET combines high clarity with excellent durability, to keep beautiful floors visible while preventing damage and wear, to both hard floors and carpets. The rigid material construction and lightly textured top surface enables effortless, but controllable ergonomic chair gliding.

Boosting its eco-credentials further, 50% of our manufacturing site’s energy comes from on-site & external renewable sources. At the end of of life, Floortex APET is easily recyclable.

Backed by a 5 year warranty, APET offers a great value floor saving solution. Available in multiple sizes, for gripper back and smooth back applications. Perfect or both home and office use.


If you have any questions about Floortex Chair Mats or would like more information on how Floortex mats can improve your workplace, please get in touch. 

If you are a retailer, supplier or distributor interested in wholesale opportunities for Floortex products, please visit the Work With Us section, or email our Sales Support Team at

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