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CraftTex Craft Mats & Bubbalux Craft Board


The new name in 

A range of practical and creative products for crafters and artists:
CraftTex Surface Protector Mats and Bubbalux Craft Board.

About Bubbalux

A new premium craft board, Bubbalux is a versatile alternative to existing craft board products. Uniquely, Bubbalux can be formed with heat, and once cool it retains the formed shape.


Available in two sizes and in six primary colorways. The color runs right through the sheet, eliminating the need for color matching on edges. Its many potential applications make it suitable for a wide range of craft, hobby and model-making activities.  

Bubbalux Craft Board
Bubbalux Diaries Craft Project

Bubbalux craft board connects many different craft genres.

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Unique and versatile, Bubbalux is a must-have addition to any craft store! 

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Bubbalux is a patent-pending PVC craft board, with many art and craft applications,


Bubbalux Craft Board can be used in:

- Card making

- Scrapbooking

- Mixed media and altered art

- 3D modelling

- Painting and drawing

- Costume making

- Screen printing

- Jewelry making

- Home decor

- Wreath making

- Assemblage 3D collage

- Decoupage

Bubbalux Craft Board has a unique formula that enables crafters to mold and shape the sheets after applying heat. It sets to a rigid form once cool, and is waterproof, so 'Bubbalux creations can be displayed outdoors or indoors.

A wide range of craft techniques can be used to transform Bubbalux. Crafters can: 

- Emboss - by hand or machine

- Die cut - using heavy gauge dies

- Heat form and bend

- Paint, print and draw

- Hand cut and shape

- Screen print and stamp

- Glue, pin and stick

Bubbalux Standard Size - Range
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Bubbalux Large Size Sheets Range

Retailer support

CraftTex works hard to increase brand awareness of Bubbalux to crafters around the world.  Our craft consumer marketing strategy includes regular advertisements and editorial in popular craft magazines, and a dedicated website:

CraftTex has a growing social media presence which includes a craft blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

Additionally, Bubbalux has a number of Brand Ambassadors: key members of the crafting community who produce projects and tutorials using Bubbalux. These really inspire crafters and consumers, encouraging them to try Bubbalux for themselves. Our ambassadors use their own social media channels and workshops to further increase brand awareness of Bubbalux.

The CraftTex consumer website is an information site (not eCommerce), dedicated to providing craft consumers with information on Bubbalux and its suitability to a wide variety of craft genres.

Bubbalux tutorials and FAQs show how popular craft techniques can be applied to Bubbalux, ensuring new users get the best results when using this new craft product.  

On site galleries show consumers the many ways Bubbalux has been used in craft projects and crafters are encouraged to share their own experiences and project images.

All new retailers of Bubbalux are added to the CraftTex stockists page, with a link to their website and a new retailer announcement is made on CraftTex social media channels. 

If you are a craft retailer, supplier or distributor interested in wholesale opportunities for CraftTex products, please visit the Work With Us section, or email Sales Support.

"I was really amazed with Bubbalux!"


"Bubbalux can be used in so many craft disciplines."


Find out how to use a sewing machine to join Bubbalux sheets


Many craft techniques were used in this Bubbalux project


Black Bubbalux, die cut and embossed  with metallic wax

CraftTex Surface Protection Mat Range

Craft Surface Protection Mat Range

New! Glass Craft Mat

Our new top-of-the-range tabletop mats are made from crystal clear tempered glass - a reinforced glass with five times the strength of normal glass..

Glass offers the best protection for all worktop surfaces and compliments any interior.

The CraftTex Glass desk mat offers the perfect surface for kitchen crafts and mixing paint.

Glass Craft Mats

Craft Table Mats

Made from CraftTex Polycarbonate, a clear, strong and durable material - also used in the manufacture of bullet-proof glass and aircraft windscreens - CraftTex mats provide crafters with surface protection like no other.  

Available as individual craft mats and as full table protectors in a range of three sizes. CraftTex mats are perfect for individual crafters, craft groups and creative families. 

Craft Table Mats

CraftTex Protective Mat Range

A range of sizes are available, for individual crafters through to full table coverage. CraftTex protective mats ensure crafters can concentrate on creating, not cleaning.

Strong & Durable
Made from CraftTex Polycarbonate - a super-strong and durable material that will continue to protect craft tables for a long time, no matter what is spilled or dropped on them!


CraftTex mats offer peace of mind that your craft table will be protected from scratches, stains, spillages, scuffs, glitter, heat guns, glue and just about anything else thrown at it! 

Clear & Clean

The clarity of polycarbonate means CraftTex Worktop Protector Mats will not look intrusive on the tabletop, so the mat can remain in place when the craft's cleared away.

Heat Resistant
Protects surfaces from heat up to 212°F.

Craft activities requiring hot glue, craft heat guns and hot wire cutters can be used at the table with confidence. 

Made from CraftTex Polycarbonate
for surface protection like no other 

New! Sewing Machine Mat

Made to perfectly fit a standard domestic sewing machine, this durable mat protects tables from dents, scratches and damage caused by heavy sewing machines


Made from polycarbonate, this mat will not curl, buckle or discolor under normal use and will also protect your worktops from damage which may be caused by sewing accessories such as scissors.

Sewing Macine Mat

Floor Protector Mats

Protect valuable wooden floors and expensive carpets against craft-related mishaps with a CraftTex Floor Protector Mat.

With compact 9-sided mat options, vibrant Sploshmats and a Clear rectangular floor mat option, CraftTex has the right mat to fit your craft room or studio.

Designed to fit neatly under a chair, to provide barrier protection to your carpet or hard floor and to help you easily move your chair around when seated.  A CraftTex mat will also protect floors from spills, stains and dropped tools, and from damage caused by chairs and footwear.

Floor Protetor Mats

Full range of CraftTex Floor Protector Mats 

If you are a craft retailer, supplier or distributor interested in wholesale opportunities for CraftTex products, please visit the Work With Us section, or email our Sales Support Team

9Mat Clear >

Clear polycarbonate 9-sided mat which offers maximum surface coverage in a compact area. Available with gripper back for carpet floor and smooth back for hard floors or work surfaces.

9Mat Cerise >

Super-strong polycarbonate mat with a bright cerise tint.  9Mat is available with gripper back for carpet floors and smooth back for use on hard floors. Maximum coverage for compact workstations.

9Mat Blue >

Durable polycarbonate mat with a bright blue tint. Smooth back options to protect hard floors and a gripper back option for carpet flooring. Protects floors in compact craft rooms.

This vibrant splash shaped mat is a wonderful addition to any classroom or workstation. Available in gripper back to protect carpet and a smooth back option to use on hard floors or worktops. 

This bright red splosh-shaped mat is available with a smooth back to protect hard floors, worktops and tables and as a gripper-back carpet protector. It makes a colorful addition to any craft room.

This clear, heatproof and durable floor protection mat offers a large area of barrier protection for your carpet or hard floor. It also provides an easy-glide surface for your chair.   

Sploshmat Blue >
Sploshmat Red >
Clear Floor Mat>
Reasons to choose a CraftTex Floor Protector Mat

Made from super-strong and durable polycarbonate, CraftTex Clear Floor Protector Mats and 9Mats are heat resistant up to 100°c, so dropped heat guns, hot glue and burns won't be an issue as long as this mat is down.

CraftTex Polycarbonate​ is a very strong material - in fact, it's the same material used in the manufacture of bulletproof glass. Its strength means it won't scratch, dent, bend or curl at the edges, no matter how heavy the chair or how often it is used. Polycarbonate has a long life, so it can be used for many years without replacements.


CraftTex Sploshmats are made from CraftTex PVC, a unique formula which is phthalate-free and free from toxins, so you have peace of mind when using in the classroom or home.

Perfect to use with wheeled office chairs, CraftTex mats make it easier to move around and can help to reduces leg fatigue compared to a chair on carpet. CraftTex Floor Mats are a popular choice for craft rooms, classrooms, studios, home offices and study rooms.

All CraftTex Floor Protector Mats are available in gripper-back for carpets and smooth back for hard floors.  With 9Mat and Sploshmat you can choose from color options to brighten up your craft space, or pick the bestselling clear chair mat so your flooring shines through.

CraftTex Floor Protector Mats are produced in a plant where 50% of our manufacturing site’s energy comes from on-site & external renewable sources and can be recycled after use.

Protect hard floors and carpets
against craft-related mishaps

CraftTex 9Mat Chair Mat on Hard Floo

CraftTex Floor Protector Mats are available with a gripper-back for carpeted floors and anti-slip for hard floors. 

The unique nine-sided shape of CraftTex Floor Protector 9Mats 
offer maximum floor coverage in a compact area.

New! Standing Comfort Mats

When your craft activity means you need to stand for long periods of time, you can improve your personal comfort with a CraftTex luxury anti-fatigue mat.

Choose from black, red, blue or grey colorways in both standard and large sizes.


CraftTex Standing Comfort Mats are deep-padded with a supportive foam structure have have beveled edges and an anti-slip base for stability.  The surface has a woven cover which is comes in a variety of colors.

Standing Comfort Mats

If you have any questions about CraftTex mats and Bubbalux Craft Board, or would like more information on adding CraftTex products to your craft store, please get in touch. 

Retailers, suppliers and distributors interested in wholesale opportunities for CraftTex products: please visit the Work With Us section, or email us at

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