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Ecotex Revolutionmat PP Folding Chair Mats

Ecotex Revolutionmat Chair Mats provide high quality floor protection and ergonomic performance combined with excellent value.  Protects your flooring from damage caused by office chair casters, general wear, scuffs and spills.  Will not crack, chip, break or shatter under normal use and correct application.  Free of phthalates, tin, lead, cadmium and BPA for peace of mind when used around children or pets.

Manufactured from high quality, ozone-friendly and 100% recyclable polypropylene.  Odourless and toxin free. Compatible with under floor heating systems.

Available with anti-slip backing for hard floors and very low pile carpets, and gripper back for low pile carpets up to 1/4".  All mats of 35" x 46" or above are supplied folded for efficient and economic shipping, a reduce carbon foot-print and improved customer value.

Translucent finish and embossed top surface.

5 Year Limited Warranty.

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The next generation of eco-friendly chair mats produced from Polypropylene to provide highly effective floor protection at category leading prices.  

Environmental Attributes

  • Easily recyclable for further use at end-of-life - polypropylene can easily be recycled, without significant material degradation, into other useful products.

  • Produced in a range of folded sizes for highly efficient and economic shipping costs together with minimized storage space for a reduce carbon foot-print.

Material Safety

  • Do not contain any banned plasticizers, PVC, BPA or heavy metals such as cadmium, lead or tin.

  • Free of chemical content banned from child related products.

  • No chemical components detrimental to indoor air quality are incorporated or released.

Key Range Attributes 


  • The natural translucent finish and embossed top surface are ideal for obscuring worn and damaged flooring.

  • Rigid top surface with low roll resistance for an “easy-glide” chair movement.

  • Ecotex polypropylene mats are guaranteed not to crack, chip, cup or shatter under normal use and correct application.

  • Compatible with under floor heating systems.

  • Scratch resistant surface texture.

  • Mats are stain resistant: surface contamination is easily removed.

  • Not sensitive to alkali-based cleaning products used at their manufacturer-recommended concentrations.

  • Manufactured from high quality, ozone-friendly, 100% recyclable Polypropylene.

  • Supplied folded for efficient and economic shipping, a reduce carbon foot-print and improved customer value.  Quickly unfolds for instant use.

  • Also ideal for easy storage and lifting when cleaning of flooring underneath.

  • Formulated to dramatically  limit the visibility of caster tracking

  • Easy and effective recycling properties for end-of-life re-use.

  • Odourless and toxin free. BPA, PVC, tin, lead and cadmium free.

  • Manufactured to ISO-9001:2000, EN 425:2002 and EN 423:2001 standards

  • 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Available in New Supa-Gripper format for low pile carpets and anti-slip for hard floor and carpet tile applications.

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