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Includes circular polycarbonate floor protection mats ideal for multiple purposes around the home or office. Perfect for use under plant pots or coat stands to protect flooring from dirt and drips.

Also includes a multi-purpose anti-microbial mat that can be cut down and used for many applications including drawer and shelf liners or for use around the kitchen or bathroom.

Cleartex Megamats are manufactured from 100% Original Floortex Polycarbonate. With a thickness of 5 mm and suitable for users up to 227kg and protect all floor types from wear caused by chair castors. Suitable for use on on hard floors and all pile carpets. 

Product Code Application Dimensions Shape
M121525ER For Hard Floors & Carpets 46 x 60 Rectangular
M12895ER For Hard Floors & Carpets 47 x 35 Rectangular
M121345ER For Hard Floors & Carpets 46 x 53 Rectangular

The ultimate in quality, clarity and durability for home and office flooring.

Manufactured form Original Floortex Polycarbonate. High clarity and 100% recyclable. The toughest and most durable mats available. Polycarbonate does not curl, crack, discolour or smell when used in correct application. Smooth back for hard floor applications.

Product Code Application Dimensions Shape
126020RR For Hard Floors Diameter 24 Round
129020RR For Hard Floors Diameter 36 Round
1212020RR For Hard Floors Diameter 48 Round
1212020MR For Hard Floors Diameter 48 Half Moon

A totally new range of floor and surface protection mats with a biocidal ingredient incorporated into the material formulation to control microbial deterioration on the mat surface. Ideal for use all around the home or office to protect floors, work surfaces and table tops. 

Product Code Application Dimensions Shape
HMSP15060EV General Purpose 24 x 60 Rectangular