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Doortex outdoor entrance mats combine to give a highly effective barrier to dirt and moisture entering the home or office. 

Use in combination with a Doortex indoor entrance mat for maximum effectiveness.

The ribmat has a contoured top surface, made from a combination of natural and synthetic materials, that both absorbs moisture and removes dirt. The rubber backing offers excellent stability in use and a reduces risk of slipping.

An effective and durable range of entrance mats ideal for both home and business applications.

Product Code Application Dimensions Shape
46090FPR For Indoors & Outdoors 24 x 36 Rectangular
480120FPR For Indoors & Outdoors 32 x 48 Rectangular
490150FPR For Indoors & Outdoors 36 x 60 Rectangular
412180FPR For Indoors & Outdoors 48 x 72 Rectangular

Attractive and functional approach to keeping out the elements

Outdoor entrance mat with rubber channels within a bevelled aluminium frame for excellent dirt and moisture removal.

Product Code Application Dimensions Shape
SLT3960OUT For Outdoors 15 x 24 Rectangular

Octomat's unique honeycombed surface is a first step in keeping the outside where it belongs.

Durable and hard wearing mat ideal for coping with rain or snow. Mats can connect to cover larger areas. 

Optional brushes are also available for more effective scraping. The brushes can be placed in the centre of the mat, placed to create a design or they can be used in every hole in the mat. 

The approximate number of available holes/spaces in an Octomat is -

FC46822OCBK – 60cm x 80cm = 285 holes
FC481222OCBK – 80cm x 120cm = 580 holes
FC4101522OCBK – 100cm x 150cm = 875 holes

Please note variances in manufacturing may mean that number of holes per mat may vary.

Product Code Application Dimensions Shape
46822OCBK For Outdoors 24 x 32" Rectangular
481222OCBK For Outdoors 32 x 48" Rectangular
4101522OCBK For Outdoors 40 x 60" Rectangular
4OCTOCON For Outdoors NA NA
4OCTCBR For Outdoors NA NA

Twister mat's vinyl coils will scrape the grit & dirt from your shoes. A perfect first step in keeping the outside where it belongs.

Heavy duty grit & dirt control. Heavy vinyl backing secures mats stay in place. Stops sand and grit from reaching the doorway. Vinyl coils form ridges that trap large particles.

Product Code Application Dimensions Shape
46090TWI For Outdoors 24 x 35" Rectangular
490150TWI For Outdoors 35 x 59" Rectangular
4120180TWI For Outdoors 47 x 71" Rectangular

Effective, durable and versatile.

Multi-purpose robust rubber mat. Moulded with cleats that scrape shoes clean. Containment border traps moisture to prevent floor damage. Resistant to many oils and chemicals. Perfect for workstations and other industrial applications

Product Code Application Dimensions Shape
SC8575 For Outdoors 33 x 30" Rectangular