BBQ Mats

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A range of printed outdoor matting to protect decking and lawn areas from damage caused by falling charcoals from barbeques.

The perfect way to protect your garden lawn or decking area from falling charcoal or dripping grease caused by barbequing. Fire retardant material classification of reaction to fire in accordance with EN 13501-1:2007+A1 (2009) Test method EN ISO9239-1:2010.

Prevents burns and damage to decking or other floor surfaces and protects floor against grease stains

Product Code Application Dimensions Shape
FR4BQ3948FL For Outdoors 39 x 48 Rectangular
FR4BQ3948C For Outdoors 39 x 48" Rectangular
FR4BQ3960FL For Outdoors 39 x 60" Rectangular
FR4BQ3960C For Outdoors 39 x 60" Rectangular