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Standing for long periods of time on hard floor surfaces is very uncomfortable and causes physical fatigue. Leg muscles become totally static and blood flow is greatly reduced causing pain and discomfort.

However, standing on an anti-fatigue mat, muscles will subtly contract and expand as they adjust to the flexibility of the mat. This increases blood-flow and the amount of oxygen reaching the heart greatly reducing fatigue.

Our range provides both fixed and modular ergonomic solutions for industrial applications and as a perfect accompaniment to the growing stand up desking market.

Reducing strain and injury while increasing productivity!

A cushion for your feet.

Relieves fatigue from prolonged standing, increasing productivity and morale. Reduces spinal compression and improves circulation. Ideal for where hard floors and long periods of standing cause fatigue.

Product Code Application Dimensions Shape
490120FBM For Indoors & Outdoors 36 x 48 Rectangular
490150FBM For Indoors & Outdoors 36 x 60 Rectangular
AF6191 For Indoors & Outdoors 24 x 36" Rectangular
AF7178 For Indoors & Outdoors 28 x 31" Rectangular
46090FHA For Indoors & Outdoors 24 x 36 Rectangular
480120FHA For Indoors & Outdoors 32 x 48" Rectangular
490150FHA For Indoors & Outdoors 36 x 60" Rectangular
FR49090FRMSET For Indoors & Outdoors 35 x 35 Rectangular