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Since 2002 Floortex has been at the forefront of innovation in the manufacture and marketing of floor protection products. Offering an unrivalled range of products with exceptional quality, Floortex products provide unquestionable value and commitment to customer service.

Tewkesbury, UK. 

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Our UK head office is home to what makes us different. Our creative sales & marketing  and innovative new product teams give our consumers what they need and our distributors the tools to spread the word!

Continual development keeps Floortex at the forefront of our core markets by providing exciting new protection solutions using the latest in material technology and production techniques.

All this is backed by our commitment to excellent customer service, IT support and sound financial foundations to ensure floorless product supply around the globe.

    Floortex Logistics

    We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and distribution which is a key element to our success. We operate out of several locations and also utilise a number of trusted distributors to insure the high levels of service our customers have come to expect.


    Our Corporate Headquarters are based in Tewkesbury, UK. At this location our teams focus on our global strategy and mission of bringing innovated and high quality items to the market and focusing on how we can best service our customers in those markets around the world. Our customer service team at the head office are eager to assist any advocate of the Floortex brand, whether you are an end user of one of our products or looking to be a new customer, supplier or distributor.


    The Floortex flagship chairmats are locally manufactured in Belfast, UK. Since our incorporation in 2001 we have consistently focused on our manufacturing processes and how we can improve our products performance and durability. This focus and passion has never changed and our commitment to quality and reliability is backed up by the long warranties that we provide.


    For European supply, all of our products can be sourced from our European Logistics Centre in Mannheim, Germany. Our large production facility stores all of the Floortex products and can offer many different types of packaging solutions to meet the needs of our customers, from in store display units to affordable and efficient drop shipment solutions.


    For the North American market our products can be sourced from our local distributor, Floortex USA LLC, which is based in Tennessee, USA. Floortex USA LLC has a large facility, stock all Floortex branded items and offer multiple packaging solutions similar to those of our own European Operation.


    Outside of Europe we have teamed up with a number of key distributors who share our values and passion for good customer service and fulfilment and work actively with them to increase the Floortex presence. Please visit the Floortex Worldwide section of our website to see if we have an active partner in your market.


    If you are an end user looking to purchase one of our products please go to the Registered Resellers section of our website and click on your market where you will find official resellers of the Floortex brand.

      Directors: Steven P J Bull; Luisa Baravalle; James S Bull

      Floortex are continually seeking to improve the quality and value of its ranges. While we endeavor to keep all information on the website up to date, we reserve the right to vary colours, specification and dimensions of product at anytime and without notice and without notice and without incurring obligations. Exact mat sizes are rounded up to the nearest cm. Images shown may not be to scale and may be used as an example of materials. Not all products are available in all countries. External links are selected and reviewed when pages are published. Floortex Europe Ltd is not responsible for the content of external websites. If you have any questions please contact us - info@floortexLLC.com