Unrolling a Chair Mat

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Some of our chair mats are packed in a rolled format. We do this for fast, efficient delivery as wells as easy handling. When our PVC mats are rolled they take on a "memory” characteristic. PVC mats may be difficult to unroll back into its flat form if the material is cold.

  • Unpack your mat and leave for a minimum of 72 hours at room temperature. Depending on environmental temperature, it may take 72 hours for the mat to regain its natural flat format. The warmer the environment the quicker the mat will revert to its flat format and be ready for use.
  • Once the mat has reached normal room temperature carefully unroll the mat and place on a flat surface with the "bow” facing upward. Add weights to corners of the mat if necessary (such as a small pile of books). A PDF instruction sheet is available to download at the bottom of this page.
  • As with most household or office product, handle your new chair mat with care at all times to maintain quality and durability. Mats for carpet application have grippers on the underside; take care when handling a gripper mat.
We always advise you use extreme caution when using any of the suggested methods for unrolling your new chair mat. We are not responsible for damage or injury caused from the use of any of these methods. If you require any further advice or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.