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Designed for crafters, Bubbalux Craft Board is a premium foam board product and a brilliant addition to every crafter's hoard of craft equipment! Bubbalux can be used with all of the usual papercraft techniques and equipment, but it can also be bent, moulded and shaped. It is both water-resistant and durable, which makes Bubbalux perfect for both indoor and outdoor display.

Available in standard and large sizes each in six different colourways

  • Midnight Black
  • Arctic White
  • Heart Red
  • Daffodil Yellow
  • Forest Green
  • Marine Blue

Bubbalux is easy to use with a range of craft techniques and can be:

  • Hand or machine embossed
  • Die cut with heavier-gauge dies
  • Drawn on, printed and painted.
  • Shaped, bent, twisted and formed using heat.
  • Cut by hand or machine.
  • Glued or pinned

Its smooth surface also makes it suitable for mounting artwork and prints. 

Bubbalux is a new and highly versatile alternative to existing foam board products, with the unique ability to be formed with heat, so that once it's cool it retains the formed shape.  Additionally, the colour runs right through the material, which elimiates the need for colour matching on edges. Its many potential applications makes it suitable for a wider range of craft, hobby and model-making activities.

Manufactured from our specially-formulated, patent pending foam PVC, this unique material is safe and non-toxic, strong and lightweight.  It is resiliant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor display.

Further information and project inspiration can be found on the CraftTex website.

CraftTex offers a range of protective table and floor mats for the ultimate in surface protection for crafters and artists.  A range of sizes are available and only the strongest, most durable material is used - to ensure you can concentrate on crafting, not cleaning.

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